Excellence in remote construction

Ri-con, award winning construction specialists

Ri-con Contractors is an award winning remote area construction specialist with a regional focus and commitment to areas from the Kimberley in Western Australia to the Islands off the coast of Queensland and throughout Australia.

At the foundation of the company is a client-focused, dedicated and experienced management group, who provide responsive support to their teams, from planning through to completion.

Our core focus is achieving the best construction solutions for our clients. Ri-Con has built an enviable reputation through its guaranteed quality of work for government, private developers and individuals.

What sets us apart is our flexibility, rapid response and nationwide logistical networks. Our pool of loyal subcontractors, tradesmen and labour are ready for instant deployment, and where possible, the company utilises local suppliers and tradespeople.

We put the safety of our workforce, clients and communities first, while our environmental management system is planned and conducted to minimise any adverse effects on the natural environment.

Ri-con offers experience, professionalism and technical expertise in many areas of construction from planning to completion including:

  • Residential Construction and Refurbishment
  • Commercial and Industrial Construction
  • Design and Construct
  • Project Management
  • Government Work with a PQC
  • Disaster Relief Work

With the help of our clients and passionate employees, we are creating a national construction business with a purpose for making long-term differences in remote communities.

Exceeding expectations – with Ri-con there is “Never any doubt.”

Our Values – WHY we do what we do

We believe in…..

  • Adventure
  • Integrity
  • Dependability
  • Teamwork
  • Lessons Learnt

Our Mission – HOW we do what we do

Through engaged teams and a fist principals approach to contracting, the entire Ri-con team shares in the experience, excitement and pride of success in working in the most beautiful yet challenging remote locations in Australia.

Our Vision – WHAT we do

Ri-con is the leading remote and regional contractor across Northern Australia and the South Pacific.

Ri-con – More than 30 years experience in remote construction

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