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Indigenous Employment Initiatives

Ri-con Contractors Pty Ltd (Ri-con) is committed to recruiting, training and retaining competent staff willing to grow with the Company. The Company recognises the importance of cultural differences and Indigenous self-determination and will acknowledge this in all its business activities.

“Our focus is on partnering with communities to deliver the best possible set of economic, environment and social outcomes.”

Over the past 30 years Ri-con has had the privilege of working in some of Australia’s most beautiful regions. We have had the honour of working with Indigenous Elders and Leaders, Traditional Owners, strong Community Councils, local authorities, Shires and amazing families.

Although our national office is in Queensland, our offices in Kununurra, Derby and Darwin are proof that we value the knowledge of local communities and the brilliant people who live there.

The company is serious about its efforts to make an enduring, equitable and sustainable contribution to those regional economies in which it operates and has developed an Aboriginal Workforce Development Strategy . This work-site based Strategy is implemented by each Project Manager and enables Aboriginal workers to enter the building and construction workforce equipped with the knowledge, skills and understandings needed to gain and sustain employment and maintain social health and stability.

Our focus is on partnering with communities to deliver the best possible set of economic, environment and social outcomes for them. The long-term aim is to develop a skilled Aboriginal workforce that continues to provide services to local communities long after the Company has completed its work in the specific community.

Exceeding expectations
– with Ri-con there is
“Never any doubt.”

Training and Development

We value the professionalism that our employees and subcontractors bring to every project and are committed to the continued investment in their vast local construction knowledge and skills in order to continually exceed our client’s expectations.

Ri-con regularly;

  • Conducts annual employee performance appraisals
  • Employs and mentors apprentices and trainees in many construction trades and activities
  • Manages an Aboriginal Workforce Development initiative designed to give members of the local communities the opportunity of paid training and employment in the construction industry
  • Manages a Training Support System whereby Ri-con staff are encouraged to continue their education, supported by the Company

Ri-con – More than 30 years experience in remote construction

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