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Hamilton Island Resort.

Residential Construction

Project Description

Project Name: Hamilton Island Resort
Location: Hamilton Island, QLD
Client: Hamilton Island Enterprises
Consultant: D&C
Project Value
Phase 1: $6 Million
Phase 2: $6 Million
Status: Completed
Completion Date: 20th November
Programme: Each Phase took 36 Weeks
Delivery Method: Lump Sum Contract

Construction of 64 staff accommodation units in 2005, and a further 64 units in 2006. We had previously completed a number of successful projects on the Island, including Bottle Shop and Yacht Club renovations and had established ourselves as competent and reliable suppliers of construction services in remote and difficult areas. In this project we constantly monitored and improved our operating systems to suit the surroundings, thereby acknowledging our responsibilities to the Client (Hamilton Island Enterprises), the island’s Management Team, the island’s environment, tourism, and the staff employed on Hamilton.


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